Submission Suggestions

Are you thinking about submitting a game to be featured on AI Game Research? Here is some information on what you should send to us. The requirements exist to help us maintain a high level of quality.

Official title of the project, and for which platform(s) it’s available

These will help people decide whether they can play.

A 940 x 380 primary image

This image will be displayed on the front page for a period of time. It will help to advertise your project on the site.

At least 1 distinct image or video of the game

A screenshot of the user experience or user interface goes a long way to show what it’s like to play your game. Consider also sending an image that might entice the user to look at the research behind your game.

An overview section

The overview is a concise description of the game, like the description you might find in a mobile app store.

The citation and link for the main paper associated with the work (if there is one)

If you have a peer reviewed publication associated with the work, this link will help players find the details. If you don’t have a publication that’s okay – just let us know if one comes out and we’ll update the site accordingly.

A list of concise features in the game

These can include the main features the user will encounter as well as how the AI contributes to the game (our theme of course is games with advanced AI).

The official link you’d like to send readers

You can ask us to link to anywhere.  The link should be the best place to go for those interested in playing the game.