Infinite Tower Defense is a tower defense game with a twist. Or rather, several twists. Between every level, an evolutionary algorithm generates a new wave of enemies, designed to counter your current playing strategy within a constrained resource budget. A new path is also generated to reflect your playing style. Finally, towers are generated through an interactive evolutionary process: the towers you choose to place are used to generate new towers for you to choose from through a process of mutation and crossover.

The result is a game which adapts to counter your playing style, and forces you to keep your strategy nimble – any fixed strategy will fail! Or will it? Try it out yourself!


  • Infinite Levels
  • Adaptive AI
  • Continuously changing gampeplay

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Phillipa Avery, Julian Togelius, Elvis Alistar and Robert Pieter van Leeuwen: Computational Intelligence and Tower Defense Games. Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Evolutionary Computation, 2011, 1084-1091.