Galactic Arms Race combines elements of old-school space shooters like Star Control, action-RPGs like Diablo, and open-world space adventure games like Freelancer. Players pilot a GunShip and battle aliens, pirates, and other villanous enemies, to gain levels, skills, and most importantly, discover unique and potentially more powerful weapon systems to outfit their GunShips. Through the unique cgNEAT content-generation technology, new weapons are constantly created by the game automatically.

Earn ranks and credits by completing missions and destroying enemies. Use the credits earned to upgrade and customize your gun ship. There is even a Multiplayer mode for up to 32 players with both coop and PVP. You can run your own Galactic Arms Race galaxy on a standalone server.


  • Infinite particle guns
  • Up to 32 person mutliplayer
  • Content evolves with player behavior
  • Leveling/Skill system

Launch Website (includes playable demo)


Erin J. Hastings, Ratan K. Guha, and Kenneth O. Stanley (2009)
Automatic Content Generation in the Galactic Arms Race Video Game
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